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Delicious Recipes For Weber Gas Grills

Weber is one of the grills you can find in the market today. Weber gas grills have several features which you can use to cook different foods. You can always follow Weber gas grill recipes you can find online to make delicious foods.

Cooking Methods For Weber Grills

Weber grills have two features namely; charcoal grill and gas grill. These parts let you cook in direct method or indirect method.

Cooking Grilled Chicken Thighs

Grilling chicken thighs is fun but there are some guidelines on preparing perfect grilled chicken thighs. Among the tips are the importance of not putting the chicken thighs on direct heat and the importance of coating the grill with olive oil.

Baked Potato on Weber Barbeque Grill – It’s Possible and Absolutely Delicious!

Baked potato using Weber barbeque grill? Yes, it’s possible. With the amazing features of the grills of today, you can now cook your baked potato alongside your steak or pork chop or whatever you have there.

Barbecuing With Spirits – Preparing Bourbon Bbq Sauce

Call it barbecuing under the influence of alcohol. Homemade Bourbon BBQ sauce is rather easy to make and works with other types of dishes as well.

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