How to Smoke Brisket in the Weber Kettle for Beginners

Buying Outdoor Grill Covers

There are several different types of grill covers that you can purchase, most of which are customized for your brand of grill. This article is a list of some of the different brands and types of grill covers that you can get for your outdoor BBQ grille.

How To Grill The Perfect Beef Tenderloin

A simple and amazingly tasty method for cooking beef tenderloin on a grill. I have entered this beef tenderloin recipe in competition BBQ contests and had great success, so give it a try!

Cooking Outdoors – There Are Multiple Benefits to Your Outdoor Kitchen

Barbecuing and grilling are summertime favorites. But these pastimes may be more beneficial to you that you realize. In addition to being a great source of delicious dinners, cooking outdoors can lead to grocery savings and shared workload.

Dry Rub Hot Wings Recipe

This is my favorite hot wing recipe because you get a grilled, juicy chicken wing with a “dry rub” kick. Since you will marinate and baste your hot wings, you will still use the traditional hot sauce… but you will finish the chicken wings with a BBQ Dry Rub to give them great flavor and keep that char-grilled taste.

Become a BBQ Star With These Popular BBQ Books, DVDs, and Accessories

Improving your backyard barbecue skills can be a tough road to travel, especially when it’s hard to decide which of the many books, DVDs, and accessories can really help up your BBQ game. These resources selected by members of the BBQ Smoker Site community can help.

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