Picanha is WAY better than Ribeye! Change my mind.

Portable Grill – Secrets to Finding the Right One

How do the words “portable grill” make you feel? Do they make you think of too small, messy, hard to light and even harder to cook with, poorly designed, waste-of-space grills? Me too! I’ve tried my share of those kinds of grills, looking for just the right model to take with me and use as a vacation grill, travel grill, fishing grill, hunting grill… you get the picture.

Outdoor Grilling

Outdoor cooking is a great American pastime. More and more people are buying outdoor grills – maybe you should too. Before you do, however, consider all your options.

Grilling Prime Rib

Have you ever heard someone mention grilling prime rib lately? If so then perhaps the first thought that came to your mind was all those happy memories you had with your friends and family members at the cookouts. We must say a cookout is not a cookout unless you are grilling prime rib.

Indoor Grilling at Its Best

No time for grilling your favorite foods outside? If you would like to enjoy the pleasure of a grilled hot dog or burger, but without the time and hassle of firing up the grill outside, here are some tips that may just be your solution. Indoor grilling is the next best thing to cooking on the grill outdoors.

Rooftop Grill – Finding a Grill That Scales the Heights

If you live in a building like an apartment or highrise condo, without a place to grill out, maybe what you need is the perfect rooftop grill. Maybe you would like a grill that takes up almost no space when you store it, rests safely on a tabletop during cooking, cleans up in your dishwasher, and performs all sorts of cooking chores, like steaming, roasting, grilling, pan-frying, and even smoking, with ease. And maybe you would appreciate it even more if this perfect rooftop grill used very little charcoal.

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