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Hamburger Grilling Tips

When it comes to grilling, the two most popular meats to grill are hamburgers, and perhaps steaks. After marinating and grounding the meat, people like to grill their burgers or steaks while they are frozen.

Tips on Preparing Hamburgers For The Grill

There are many ways to prepare hamburgers. The most basic fundamentals follow. The first thing you need to do is preheat the grill. Make sure to do this part and not skip on it even if you have the urge to grill in a “quick and dirty” fashion. This really goes for any kind of meat you are preparing.

Barbecue Grilling Tips

A large collection of helpful barbecue grilling tips to better your grilling experience.

BBQ Grilling Versus Smoking – The Great Debate

Barbecuing is also a form of art. Barbecuing can be done in two methods: through grilling or smoking. Grilling is the quickest method of cooking meat over a direct source of dry heat,whereas, smoking is a slow process, where the food is kept at a particular distance from the fire. Now let us take the two separately,to know the real processing. B

The Hidden Health Hazards of Grilling And Barbecuing

Natural health expert Frank Mangano outlines the dangers of barbecuing meats and provides useful tips to make for a healthy barbecue.

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