BBQ SMOKER ” THOR ” New Commercial Smoker.

Tips On Buying A Smoker

When someone gets sick of making the same old dishes, they may not need to think of new foods but a new way of cooking them. Buying a smoker can open up a way of making the same foods, but with a new and exciting flavor. Before going out to buy a smoker, however, there are a few things that everyone should consider.

Why Everyone Should Have A George Foreman Grill

When it comes to cooking, the reality is that not everyone can be a gourmet chef. However, not being a regular Rachel Ray does not mean that anyone cannot make delicious and simply meals for themselves or their family.

The Grill Accessories Everyone Must Have

When someone first installs a swimming pool in their home, they may think that they have everything they need for a summer of fun in the sun. However, the pool itself is only the first step in really getting the most out of a private swimming facility.

How To Smoke Ribs

There are few foods that are more delicious or satisfying than a rack of ribs, yet, many people are not confident that they can prepare them on their own. Actually, smoking ribs is very simple for anyone who owns a smoker.

How To Smoke Chicken

Whenever a family does not know what to make for dinner, chicken seems to be the old standby. If the same old chicken recipes are getting old, it might be fun to try making smoked chicken instead. It may sound complicated but, actually, smoking a chicken is just as simple as any other method of cooking.

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