BBQ Brisket – Slow Cooked Over An Open Camp Fire ??

Healthy and Delicious Rotisserie Cooking

Rotisseries are one of the healthiest ways to cook meats and are growing in popularity. With the invention of the counter top oven, it’s no longer necessary to venture out to enjoy the tastes and benefits of this delicious method for preparing flavorful meats.

Cooking With Offset Smokers – Basic Tips for the Beginner

Cooking with offset smokers, also called barrel smokers, can be a fun and rewarding experience. Offset smokers have a separate firebox attached to the cooking chamber which allows for direct grilling in the firebox, and direct or indirect cooking in the smoking chamber. When mastered, the indirect cooking method turns out fantastic barbecue, smoked meats, poultry, and fish. The secret of the indirect cooking method lies in the ability to maintain an even cooking temperature over a long period of time. For the novice, this can be a difficult and frustrating skill to learn. This article offers some basic tips that will help you become master of your offset smoker.

Barbeque Charcoal Grills

A couple of weeks back I planned a picnic with my family. We did a lot of planning for different things. We had to plan what are the different things that we need to make this picnic really amazing. We decided a place, some dishes and even a boat to take along with us. While we were deciding about the food, my children asked me are we going to take barbeque and I got worried that how we are going to manage it. It was decided that we are going to enjoy barbeque on the picnic but now the question was how we are going to cook it.

Advantages of a Spit Roast for Your Next Party

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of gatherings with friends and family. In fact, you are probably already planning for graduations, family reunions and summer holidays. With that comes all the planning, which undoubtedly includes food. Perhaps this year, you are out of ideas and everyone looks to you to throw the famous BBQ every year. Have you considered a spit roast for your next party?

Tips for Getting Rotisserie Cooking Right

Rotisserie cooking can be tricky if you don’t follow certain time tested guidelines. The main things to be aware of is the smooth rotation of the spit, the balance of the load, the proper distribution of the heat source and taking temperature measurements to know when it’s done.

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