Texes Style Smoked Brisket Recipe || Beef BBQ Recipe

Benefits of a Hitch Mounted Grill for Your Next Summer Camping Trip

A portable hitch mounted grill is one of the most important things you can bring with you on your next camping trip. It allows you to cook delicious food away from home. It can be attached onto a 2-inch receiver, which means that it does not have to stay inside the car and occupy all the space that can be allotted to others important things.

How To Cook Beer Can Grilled Chicken

Two great tips to get your beer can grilled chicken off to a flying start together with some ideas about what to put in your beer can to add more flavor. That is if you’re up to drinking the beer first!

Gas Grill Safety or How Not to Get Burned

Gas grills can provide you and your family with many hours of enjoyment. But, not treated with respect, they can also be dangerous.

Barbecue Propane Grills – Char Broil K6B

WOW – What A Grill! This is a monster of a barbecue grill, it comprises of 6 stainless steel burners, including a specific searing burner, and a side burner. You could do some serious entertaining with this Barbecue Propane Grill, it looks fantastic, it has got some great reviews, it is very reasonably priced, and would look stunning in many gardens and backyards.

How to Cook on a Gas Grill With Excellent Results

Cooking on a gas grill is more than just slapping a couple of burgers down onto the grate and flipping them when you thing they are done. Successful cooking of other food items takes a bit of know-how and getting to know your grill.

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