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A City Grill That Does it All? It Does Exist!

If you’re looking for a portable grill that’s perfectly adapted to city living, this is the article for you. How about a grill that takes up a tiny amount of space in your apartment, condo, or loft? Would it be better still if this same grill could handle every imaginable kind of outdoor cooking chore, including grilling, pan frying, roasting, and smoking? And, if this city grill could clean up easily and quickly, and store in almost no space at all, wouldn’t that be great?

Portable Grill – Seven Features You Should Look For

Have you ever tried to find the perfect portable grill, one that would be ideal for your car, boat, or RV? Not easy, is it? First, you need to decide what’s important to have in a portable grill, then you need to find it. Let’s lay out the top seven things you should look for in a portable grill.

The Best Tri Tip Barbeque Recipe – Grill it Right!

Tri-tip is a delicious cut of meat that can server a large group. Learn how to grill your tri-tip the right way and impress your friends and family.

Balcony Grill – Why Finding the Ideal One Isn’t Easy For Apartment Dwellers

Are you a city or apartment dweller looking for a balcony grill you can use in your smaller outdoor space? Maybe you would like a grill that takes up very little storage space in your closet, spare room, or crawlspace. It would be even better if the same grill could perform all sorts of cooking tasks like roasting, grilling, smoking, and even pan frying. The grill would also need to clean up easily, so that it could be put away quickly. Last but not least, it would be awesome if your balcony grill used very little charcoal, so you could store less of that, too!

Grilled Chicken Breasts and Grilled Potato Medley

This is a great summer chicken recipe for the grill. It can be served with a variety of side dishes or other summer fare. We are serving it with our favorite medley of potatoes and vegetables.

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