The Advantages Of Using A Gas Barbecue Grill

One of the advantages of gas barbecue grills is that they heat up much faster than charcoal grills and smokers. This feature comes in handy if you are one of the many people who enjoy barbecuing, even when the weather is cool. Rather than waiting uncomfortably for the grill to reach the right temperature, you can start cooking your food almost immediately.

Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu

What I like to start with is a couple of boneless chicken breast. I recommend you buy the thin sliced chicken breast, its much easier to work with and will stuff real nicely. For this recipe I am going to stay somewhat traditional and use a honey baked ham thinly sliced and some Swiss cheese. I start by seasoning my chicken on both sides with salt and black pepper. I then place two thin slices of ham and a thin slice of cheese on each chicken breast.

The Joys of a Family Barbecue

Whenever my son comes home from college, one of the things that he likes to do the most for his younger brothers and sisters is to make them a family barbecue. This is a great way for everyone to have some good, clean fun without spending too much money, and adults and children of all ages are guaranteed to have a good time.

What Is Better – A Gas Barbecue Or Charcoal Barbecue?

One of my greatest teenage memories has to be of getting together with a few friends and making a barbecue. Those great barbecue recipes, the smell of charcoal, and the fun we had on long, warm summer evenings are the stuff of many wonderful memories. The tastes of the roasted marshmallows, barbecued chicken, or sausages are a real classic that I have tried to pass on to my children on the weekends.

Taking Care Of Your Barbecue Grill

Maintaining your grill properly is very important if you want to enjoy the American tradition of barbecuing. Outdoor barbecue grills are simple gadgets and, if properly cared for, they can give you years of barbecue fun.

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