You Can Only Choose One ? Fajitas vs Pork Steak (Boston Butt) #texas #bbq

4 Common Grilling Problems and How to Easily Solve Them

Grilling and Barbecuing are loads of fun when things go right. But sometimes a minor problem can drain all the fun from an afternoon before it even begins. Luckily several of the most common grilling problems are very easy to fix.

Grilling Vegetables

Well prepared barbecue meat is what drives us to the barbecue. However meat is not a full meal. And have even heard rumors of people not even eating meat. So when needing a side dish or to drive to your vegetarians friends to your barbecue party BBQ vegetables are your savior.

Do I Need an Infra-Red Burner in My New Grill?

What does infra-red do, and why should I have it? Is it worth the money, and how do I use it?

BBQ Ideas For Indirect Grilling- How To Get Tender Servings Every Time

One of the best BBQ ideas is using indirect grilling to produce authentic, mouthwatering BBQ. This article will reveal ideal techniques for indirect grilling in a gas or charcoal grill.

Easy Grilling Tips and Tricks That Can Make Anyone a Backyard Expert

You take great pride in the fact that you now have the top-of-the-line Coleman Barbecue Grill. Or maybe you just have a $29.00 special and a bag of brickets.

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