Two Shots You Need After Eating BBQ ? #Texas #bbq

It’s Almost Winter And Your Grill Still Works In The Cold

Well, it’s already cooled down here in New England and we’ve certainly packed up all of our summer clothes and pulled out our winter coats, hats and gloves. Many of us are hurrying out to our local tire store to get winter tires put on for the traitorous conditions we drive in.

How To Spice Up Your Fish On The Grill And Wow Your Family & Guests

This one is so simple I probably shouldn’t call it a recipe. WOW look at that clean grill surface. You’re a genius. Oh one more thing; our Habanero-Garlic Hot Sauce will kick up any style of rice dish!

Smoker Grills – A New Twist on Grilling Food

For patient and adventurous grillers, smoker grills are the perfect way to add punch to the foods you prepare outdoors on your grill. Smoker grills are combination grills that allow you to not only grill your food, but smoke your food as well.

Barbeque Rubs Are Great Alternatives To BBQ Sauces And Marinades

Barbeque rubs are a healthy alternative for cooking flavorful foods without using a lot of fattening oils in your coking. Barbeque rubs can be used on meats that are baked, smoked, grilled or simmered in a small amount of stock to create a delicious meal that anyone is sure to love.

Grilling Fish – 8 Ways to Solve One Big Problem

Have you ever grilled fish and had it stick? I think we all have. Here are a few suggestions to help clear that hurdle and get the results you want.

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