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Grab a Wine Glass & Heat Up the Grill

Grilling tends to be the domain of men who offer their contribution to the family meal process with this summertime activity. Men dust off their grills and the backyard deck furniture is readied for Americans to socialize. While our country’s regions offer different styles and tastes with outdoor cooking, there are some basics that apply everywhere.

Cooking Tips For Gas Grills

Once you light the grill you should always leave it on high for at least twenty minutes with the lid down. This gets the grill nice and pre-heated. This is important because the food will no stick to the grates and you will get a nice tasty char. It also adds to the experience to have nice restaurant grill marks on the food.

Improving the Safety of Barbecue Grills

Improving the safety of barbecue grills should be a priority of any outdoor cook. We have to remember that a lit grill is a hazardous instrument if safety is ignored.

Pizza on the Grill

Pizza on the grill – why not? Take the heat from the kitchen and still enjoy your favorite meal cooked at home.

It’s Not Too Late to Try Grilling With Wood – 7 Types of Wood and the Foods That Go Best With Them

Do you like the hint of smokiness in your grilled food? Don’t get that flavor from a bottle anymore. Here are seven types of wood commonly, and not so commonly, used in grill cooking and the proper food choices for them.

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