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Information on Portable Gas Grills

The age old debate about what is better, gas or charcoal rages on. Some say charcoal is the only method for grilling that is acceptable. Others say gas makes for a better taste. Charcoalers say, “Gas is cheating.” Gassers say, “Charcoal burns the outside of the meat and leaves the inside cold.”

History and Types of Planks For Grilling

Planks date back to the Indians of the Pacific Northwest, many, many generations ago. During big celebrations they would all enjoy planked seafood together after grilling the fish, usually salmon, on a piece of wood over a big open fire.

Simple Ways to Grill Fish For Your Summer Barbeque

Summer is in high season right now, and if you have a big backyard – or, let’s face it, even a decent patio – chances are you will be hosting your friends at some point for a mid-afternoon cookout. What says summer in America better than a group of family and close pals grilling meat (or soy products!) and drinking beer on a sweltering afternoon?

Some Basics Tips on BBQ Sauces

In case you spend any time at all cooking over a BBQ grill, eventually you’re going to be dealing with different BBQ sauces. Obviously, these sauces are utilized to accompany and add flavor to barbecued foods, for example steak and chicken and anything else you possibly can think of.

BBQ Recipe – Preparing Your Delicious Marinades

Will you be questioning why some barbecues taste really great whilst others do not? The secret of a excellent BBQ recipe is truly from the marinade and top quality of the pork. Know this, even if you have a really very good BBQ recipe but your meat is not of high good quality and the ingredients that you just use inside your marinades are not actually fine, your barbeque will not actually taste so delicious.

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