Kamado Joe Brisket – Easy Low and Slow Brisket

Cleaning, Storing and Maintaining Panini Grills

Panini grills are the darlings of the cooking world for a number of reasons. People fell in love with paninis after seeing them featured on a number of cooking shows.

9 Smokin’ Hot Reasons to Get a Vertical Gas Smoker

Some things you just shouldn’t live without. It’s not that you can’t live without the benefits of a vertical gas smoker – you’ve obviously made it this far – but let’s face it – Turkey Tettrazini or leftover casserole just doesn’t sound appealing 7 nights a week.

Texas Style Grilled Shrimp

This is a recipe that I wanted to share. It is getting very close to Summer time and there is nothing like a great BBQ with friends. This is a simple recipe to impress your friends and it is quick and easy. Enjoy!

Tailgating – A New All American Pastime

Tailgating is an exciting new pastime where people gather at various sporting events and enjoy different sorts of grilled meals. More and more people are spending their leisure time at tailgating parties, even if they do not have tailgate on their vehicle. The idea is just to have fun with friends and enjoy the social gathering. Tailgating parties are common at the parking lots of stadiums and arenas where people enjoy food before and after a game.

Genesis S-330 6670001 Gas Grill by Weber – An Innovative Stainless Steel Beauty

The Genesis S-330 Natural Gas Grill 6670001 is Weber’s latest and greatest grill yet. The 667001 model boasts a sleek stainless steel exterior that utilizes natural gas. It contains three high performance burners in addition to the extreme heat Sear Station burner, along with an easy starting electronic ignition system for the utmost power and convenience.

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