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Gas Grills and Their Different Types

There are different types of gas grills that are for sale. Many people do not know the various features of the gas grills. There are many reasons for this. The recent ones are all of the newer models and they are much more advanced than the grills of the yester year.

The Four P’s of Selecting a Tailgating Grill

If you plan to do much tailgating in the upcoming baseball season or next football season, getting the right tailgate grill is an important second step (after shelling out for tickets). There are a few simple guidelines to consider while searching for the right grill.

Choose the Best Gas Grill – Some Time Tested Tips

How do you choose the best gas grill? Here’s some tips to help you out.

Barbecuing Or Grilling? What is the Difference?

People always confuse barbecuing and grilling. This article tackles the difference between barbecuing and grilling on your barbecue pit.

5 Mistakes Most Weekend Grillers Make When Grilling Burgers

Nothing says “Summer” quite like the smell of hamburgers grilling on a warm afternoon. And, unlike so many things in life, these wonderful little treats are actually super easy to create. A pound of ground beef, a couple minutes to form the patties, another few on the fire, slap it on a bun and enjoy.

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