Hump Day BBQ Chat – Let’s Talk All Things Turkey

Experience a Different Cooking Style With Your Own Gas Grill

Have you ever tried gas grill cooking before? If not, then you should consider looking into cooking from this type of grill, because it really is going to provide you that different and convenient cooking experience you’ve never had before.

BBQ Smokers Versus Grills – What’s the Difference?

If you’ve ever made the mistake of calling a barbecue a grill in front of a bunch of outdoor cooking enthusiasts, chances are you got an earful! You see, there are many differences between a barbecue and a grill. I’ll outline three key differences in the following text.

Outdoor Gas Grills – Which One Should You Get?

It is a fact that outdoor gas grills have become an indispensable part of our lives. Whether you are entertaining guests or just enjoying the day with the whole family, gas grills that you can use in the open are definitely necessary. This is why you need to have clear criteria for choosing your grill.

Cooking Chicken on a Gas Grill

Have you ever caught your self stuck with the grilling time dilemma in trying to grill your chicken? Surely, even has had this experience at some point. Cooking a perfectly grilled chicken is easier said than done, and very few people can grill their chicken successfully.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Is a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Really Grilled?

The grilled cheese sandwich has played its part in many of our lives, but have we referred to it the wrong way? How many of those delicious grilled cheese sandwiches have actually been grilled? Most are fried or broiled but we still continue to refer to this sandwich as grilled.

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