How To Wrap A Brisket | Easy Traeger Smoked Brisket

What to Look for When Buying A Rotisserie Basket

Grilling has changed for the better with the introduction of rotisserie baskets. You can prepare more foods in more ways, making the whole grilling experience more enjoyable. You will need to have a rotisserie spit to attach the basket to and a grill or fire source under it to supply the heat for cooking.

Get The Right Things To Have While Grilling Outdoors

Having the right things when grilling outdoors can make all the difference between a so-so meal and a meal that will have them begging for more. Rather than focusing on one main thing to grill, consider the following choices to integrate different flavors and textures using meats and vegetables. Read on for more.

Best Smoker Recipes – The Secrets to Creating Some of the Best Smoker Dishes on The Planet

Some of the best smoker recipes are just sublime and will take your enjoyment up to a whole new level when it comes to cooking food in your backyard. It is all too easy to become bogged down by just using the same cuts of meat and flavourings which is a shame because smoking as a cooking method really is so easy to explore and expand on, no problem, you just have to know where to look and the best place to find them.

My Favorite Things for the First Picnic of the Season

As the snow is falling and covering the trees and roads, the wind picks up and we are reminded that it is still winter and we have at least a month or two of this to endure. I start to think of warmer days that are coming and I imagine having a picnic with the sun warming my skin. I get a smile on my face and cannot wait to have that first picnic of the season. I am thinking of some of my favorite things to take on that picnic.

Broil King Monarch 40 – Barbecue Propane Grill Review

Broil King Gas Grills proudly present the Broil King Monarch 40, and what a great looking grill. It is up to the task no matter if you are cooking alone or for a party. It boasts 520 square inches of total cooking area, 350 square inch for the primary grilling area. The Broil King Monarch 40 stainless steel Super 8 infinity burner will cook your food evenly and will prevent cold spots. Searing will be no problem as you can heat this grill up to 600 degrees F in a rapid time.

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