How To SLICE BRISKET Like The BEST BBQ Restaurants (3 Easy Tips)

How to Barbecue With Infrared Grills

Infrared grills are one of the newest ways for the average back yard griller to barbecue restaurant quality steaks these days. It used to be that the infrared technology was only available to commercial businesses. However now this technology is available to consumers as well, with residential grill manufacturers making many models available to the home market.

The Top 10 Foods to Grill Indoors

If you love to grill outdoors then why let the fun stop when the weather gets cold? There are so many great indoor grills on the market today that it would be a waste for you not to take your summer time grilling inside.

Find Out How You Can Prepare a Grilled Salmon the Best Way Possible

There are many ways to cook salmon. You can bake, steam, poach, pan fry or you can broil it. But the best way to do so is to grill a salmon the reason why this is so is because it cooks very quickly and it retains the flavor well.

The Portable Gas Grill – The Mother of All Grills

If you already have, or intend to get a portable gas grill, then do not just use it at home. You are missing out. I get so much more out of mine. If you get the right portable grill then it should be lightweight enough to easily carry around with you, and durable enough to withstand the knocks it gets when thrown around a bit and sometimes even sat on. So here are some ideas for you.

Cooking Steak on a Gas Grill – Simple Tips

One of the most rewarding and wonderful eating experiences is that of a beautifully cooked steak, shared with friends, on a lovely day in the garden. Steak is one of the easiest meats to get wrong.

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