How to Make GIANT Smoked Brisket | Impossibly Kosher

Is This The Best Grilled Hamburger Recipe?

It’s certainly out of the top drawer, a burger for the rich and famous. I came upon the mix purely by accident but this still is one of my favorite grilled hamburger recipes bar none.

Gas Grills Versus Charcoal Grills – Which Wins?

When it comes to charcoal grills versus gas grills, most folks have strong views one way or another. Is one really better than the other?

The Basics Of Smoking Meat

Having researched the art and science of smoking for many years I’ve found some valuable advice and I’ve also stumbled across some utter nonsense. This article has been written to help you sift through what is good and what is bad information when smoking meat.

Indian Style Grilling – The Mysteries of Tandoori Chicken

What exactly is “Indian style grilling”? Is there any fundamental difference between the ways Indians and Americans grill their meat? Learn more from my experience in India in this article.

How To Grill Asparagus Perfectly

Grilling asparagus well is not difficult, most of the secrets are in the preparation. Grilling asparagus badly however is equally easy. Here’s how to get it right using my favorite recipe.

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