How to Grill Fajitas: My BEST Bourbon Marinade Recipe & Tips for a Perfect Cook

The 10 Best Barbecue Grill Tools to Have on Hand

These are the 10 essential barbecue tools needed by every grillmaster. Equipped with these basic grilling tools, you can grill and handle all foods like a grilling pro.

Grilling and Food Safety Tips to Prevent a Grilling Disaster

Food safety and grill safety are your responsibility. Follow these safety tips and keep the cookout healthy and fun.

Pay Close Attention to Your Fire and Heat For the Best Grilling

When grilling, choosing between direct heat and indirect heat should not be overlooked. Getting the fires, flames, and temperatures down is your first step to great grilling.

Investing in Stainless Gas Barbecue Grill is Keeping the Family Together

When everyone in the family is busy, it is really hard to find that special time to be together. Family members seem to be happy in the company of others rather than being with the family, bonding.

Big Green Egg Grill – Smoking and BBQ

The Green Egg Grill is very versatile and allows you to slow cook food, but it’s also great for smoking meats and grilling different types of vegetables and fish. You can also use this grill to simulate a brick oven to cook pizzas with exceptionally flavorful. Everyone’s heard about the famous fire cooked pizzas in New York, and this grill can simulate those conditions with the extreme heating and brick ceramic walls.

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