DISCADA: How to Make a Discada Mexicana (Norteña / South Texas Style)

The Garden Barbeque Offers More Than Outdoor Grilling

Barbecue cooking has become a mainstay of many households around the world, especially since the economic crisis of early 2008. After all, if you’re trying to save money from your household cooking budget, why not have beautifully barbecued sausages, steak, chicken, potato and onions, instead of boiling these ingredients into a tasteless mash! And if the weather is good, why not enjoy standing outdoors cooking instead of being trapped in your kitchen area.

How to Choose the Best Portable Charcoal Grill For You

A portable Charcoal Grill is a handy device to cook food at the desired places with an ultimate mobility. This offers a unique great charcoal grilled taste with affordable, portable, disposable mess-free grilling anywhere. It is the best tool for the outdoor parties, picnics, hunting and other get together. An ideal grill is equipped with foldable legs, lids and venting systems.

When the Old Barbecue Grill is in Need of Repair

When your trusty barbecue grill starts looking grungy and working inefficiently, your first thought may be to go out and buy a new one. However, new grills are expensive. If you know how to troubleshoot your old grill and fix the things that ail it, you can end up with a grill that’s almost like new without spending a whole lot of money.

Panini Sandwiches – Not Just Another Grilled Cheese!

I love panini sandwiches. Not only do they taste great but you can get really creative with them and put just about anything in a panini sandwich. Panini sandwiches originated in Italy – at least I think they did as they are often referred to as Italian sandwiches. Anyway, you can use all kinds of interesting ingredients in your paninis – the possibilities are endless.

The Big Green Egg Grill

Outdoor grills come in different models, types and sizes. When you are planning to have one for your grilling activities, you have to determine your specific requirements to make it easier for you. When you want a sure investment, try the Big Green Egg grill.

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