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Having a Catered Barbeque for a Wedding Reception

For the ultimate in a casual but delicious wedding reception, a bride and groom might want to consider barbecue wedding catering. No matter how big or small the budget for the wedding reception is, a barbecue wedding catering service can make a special and delicious meal.

Barbecuing With Indirect Heat – When It Is Necessary

When people think of “Barbecue they think of Ribs” most often because ribs is synonymous with slow cooked delicious barbecue. Mastering the art of indirect heat cooking is at the heart of achieving good results with your ribs or beef brisket. Learn the keys to make your barbecue the best it can be, through indirect heat.

The Art of Grilling Bacon Wrapped Food

One of the techniques one needs to master before becoming a barbecue professional is how to grill bacon wrapped foods. Bacon is used to wrap seafood (shrimp and scallops), vegetables (cheese stuffed peppers) and meats such as filets of beef and pork. Wrapping boneless and skinless stuffed chicken thighs in bacon is also gaining popularity.

Key Differences in Sugars

The central ingredient of many barbecue dry rubs is sugar. If you want to make a high quality dry rub of your own then understanding the different types of sugar is critical. The term sugar actually refers to a broad class of carbohydrates and encompasses different molecules such as maltose, dextrose, fructose, sucrose and others.

Charbroil Grill Parts – 3 Tips on Maintainance and Cleaning

Taking proper care of your charbroil grill parts is necessary for providing good maintenance of your Char-broil grill. It should be done on a regular basis even if not in use. For an effective cleaning proper instructions should be followed. Read the whole article to discover 3 easy tips to maintain a good performing grill.

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