3 Hour No Wrap St Louis Ribs – Kamado Rib Recipe

Tips For Summer Grilling

The summer months are a great time to get out to the park or beach and have fun with friends. During these occasions, it’s common for people to have a barbecue and enjoy a great day of grilling with friends. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your grilling experience.

Thermal Engineering Corporation – TEC Infrared Grill Burners Changed the World of Grilling

In the early 1980s a company known as TEC (Thermal Engineering Corp) invented and patented the infrared grill. But what’s so special about IR grilling?

Grilling and BBQ’s – Not As Easy As it Looks

Grilling is one of those things that looks much easier than it is. Though women may reign supreme in the kitchen, men are the masters of the grill. Why is the grill so intimidating, but can be mastered by a man who cannot boil a pot of noodles?

Grilling – Too Many Choices May Be a Good Thing!

Grilling is the oldest form of cooking known to man. Grilling meats over an open flame adds a flavor to meats that is unmatched by any other method of cooking.

Grilling Vs Barbecuing

Most people don’t know the difference between grilling and barbecuing. This article explains the main differences between these two cooking methods.

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