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For Ease of Use Nothing Beats a Barbeque Gas Grill

As most barbeque lovers know there is an ongoing debate over which the best type of grill to own is; a charcoal grill or a barbeque gas grill. For many people nothing beats the smoky flavor of their favorite foods cooked over hot coals. And while it can be hard to dispute the charm and additional flavor of cooking over charcoal, there are some good reasons why using a barbeque gas grill is a better choice.

Pour On The BBQ Sauce!

When I was growing up, I loved the flavor of bbq sauce. I ate it on everything from hamburgers to onion rings. Much to my mother’s disappointment, bbq sauce graced our dinner table every night. She didn’t really like the fact that I slathered all of her good cooking with bbq sauce, but I guess she figured it was good that I was cleaning my plate even if I soaked my dinner in sauce to do it.

Grilling Isn’t Just For Summer

Grilling isn’t just a summertime thing. It’s a favorite way of cooking anytime of the year. Here are the cooking practices that you should consider to make your grilling fun and safer.

BBQ vs Grilling

Want to cook pulled pork or brisket low ‘n slow on your home bbq? This article explains the difference between bbq’ing and grilling as well as how to set up your grill for indirect cooks.

How to Cook Lobster Tails — From Steaming to Grilling and More

Learn how long to cook your lobster tails for, depending on how you are cooking them — steaming, grilling, backing, boiling, or broiling.

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